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 Testing & Commissioning

Data Center Testing & Commissioning

End-to-End Data Center Crash Test!

Elite 3rd party, vendor independent data center testing & data center commissioning units that mobilize and camp on data center site, running rigorous test scripts, using sophisticated equipment and tools, that test and commission every component of the data center with absolute know-how of exact approach to commission a site which is fault-tolerant, fail-safe and reliable for live operation.

Experts will run through the design criteria of the data center and based on this create sophisticated test scripts which will ensure that the final operations of the data center facilities is meeting the 


business objectives of the design. Full loading on gradual applied load-incline methods will be applied to the data center and every aspect ranging from performance to redundancy will be undergoing rigorous tests. A site is not operational or at least not availability-safe unless it passes through our testing and commissioning processes and receives full acceptance on individual functioning systems as well as the fully integrated site test results. The following are the TechXact’s testing and commissioning process methods:

Individual System Functional Site Test

Functional site test to 2N, N+1 one leg at a time, fault disturbance and monitoring for a period trending, switchboard site point-to-point, main, sub, busbars measurement, SI, protection relay, ACB direct acting, earth loop impedance, PDU testing and verification, load testing, noise test, UPS, earthing grids, signal reference grid, visual inspections, etc.

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