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Spurred by the ever-growing demand for its data center services, TechXact is constantly expanding its teams and human resources. Join us and you will become part of a strong force of consultants, specialists, project managers, designers, engineers and other professionals who are enhancing the world’s data center markets and industries.

We understand that our people are central to our objective of maintaining our edge as an industry pioneer that delivers outstanding solutions in providing cutting-edge expert services or attaining process milestones across the globe.

The TechXact culture emphasizes learning and drives each employee to surpass his or her capabilities to “listen well, learn quick, be visionary, build landmarks, innovate and excel” in its field of expertise. We see growth as an ever-ending voyage with its inherited challenges that help us set new frontiers and standards of excellence.

We go beyond what is expected to provide a work environment that compares with the best in the world. TechXact respects and, indeed, encourages its employees to choose their own career paths within the broad outline of their respective functions. We support the lateral movement of our people across business units or functions as far as possible, keeping in view the needs of the business.

TechXact's personnel policies are aimed at furthering the development of the employee as a key goal, and we do this by providing a stimulating work environment, a variety of challenges, and a host of material rewards. TechXact sincerely believes that better human beings make better members.

"Our strife is to enhance, develop and lead without compromise" says TechXact’s President Mehdi Paryavi. At TechXact we have taken this exhortation to heart.

Our people

Organizations are known by their people. At TechXact, we continuously strive to gather the best of the best. Skilled and knowledgeable on panoply of domains, our people work together to cater customer delight.

Our policies

We have aligned our HR policies with our strategy of sustaining a business that concurs both hearts and minds. These policies have been designed to enable us to touch the world in whole different way, enhance scalability of our business and processes, while encouraging high level of ownership and involvement in our employees. All our human resources endeavors are built around our core values and beliefs such as trust, faith and flexibility.

Living and working at the cutting-edge as we do, keeping abreast of new methods, technologies and acquiring new skills is not an option, it's a must. That is why we lay so much emphasis on training and development at TechXact. We inculcating a culture of openness and promote nurturing the talent of employees and building career paths with the company for them.

Performance Recognition

Recognizing and rewarding individual effort is an institutionalized process at TechXact. We would not be where we are without the whole-hearted support of our staff. Our fast-track growth and the challenge of the current change and transformation demand ever-higher levels of performance and a corresponding response from the organization in terms of support and motivation. We achieve this through our online web-enabled performance management system, Speed (System for Performance Evaluation and Employee Development). The system enables us to manage a variety of performance-related tasks: planning, motivation, evaluation, and performance enhancement.

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