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DC Operation Manual

Data Center Operation Manual

Data Center Manual provides the required guidelines, practices, policies and procedures in order to ensure that the data center Site, SFI, ITI is operational in an optimal manner. Intended for engineers and managers who are working with day-to-day planning, implementation and maintenance of Data Center for resilience, efficiency, security and availability considerations.

Data Center Facilities Management

Business Meeting
Data Center Management is designed to meet the challenges of maintaining, operating and managing complex and high performance data centers now and in the future. Data Center Facilities Management combines in a single offering three of the most critical elements of successful data center operations: personnel, documentation, and systems management.

And many more...

There is a long list of operational procedures and components for all key aspects of the data center, including but not limited to policies management, life cycle management, business office management, DR management, redundancy management, services management, availability management and many more.

Featured Service

  • ISO 20001 / ITIL V3.0 / ITSM

IT service is typically provided by the internal department known as the IT organization and the IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, procedures, computer-related communications, documentation, and skills required to support IT services. Overall, IT services and management of the IT infrastructure is referred to as IT service management,...

  • Data Center Consultancy

TechXact offers comprehensive services right from the needs analysis, feasibility planning and modeling steps design concepts, platforms, location and site selection all the way to engineering, designing, planning, testing, supporting and managing of civil works and materials, precision...

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