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In times of accelerating change, great opportunities as well as great challenges are at hand. Colleges, universities, schools and academies must be properly poised to take advantage of the opportunities and adequately protected against the challenges ahead. Beyond the challenge of educating a growing, diverse student population, educational institutions must also control cost while maintaining excellence. In addition, schools must ensure that academic and IT services are accessible, secure and reliable. Recent research shows utilizing advancements in information technology has played the key role in efficiency, profitability and student/staff satisfaction for educational institutions around the globe. Moreover, establishment of reliable data center environment and infrastructure that host the IT applications of educational institutions has become a vital availability facilitator of management systems (UMS), school management systems (SMS), Student, faculty, administration, e-learning and educational ERP systems.

College Campus

TechXact provides numerous core infrastructure and data centers services and platforms for schools, school districts, colleges, and universities to facilitate advanced industry specialized application, availability, reliability and resilience.

TechXact offers end-to-end expert services in designing, planning, deploying and maintaining data center infrastructures allowing organizations to incrementally grow their IT infrastructure as requirements change or new technologies emerge. Intelligent networks are erasing the physical boundaries of the classroom, allowing learning to continue anywhere wired or wireless connections exist. They are linking people, buildings, campuses, and institutions as never before, allowing resources to be shared and ideas exchanged across any distance. And they are reinforcing lessons with rich, interactive content that engages the mind in powerful and memorable ways.

TechXact provides infrastructure services in order to facilitate seamless, secure data communications anywhere on campus; also e-learning is the perfect complement to your classroom training. TechXact services enable a variety of formats to help you establish e-learning in its true sense. Our services deliver high-quality e-learning, university management system and school management system to all institutions aiming for the ultimate educational success.

If you plan to assess the availability level of your educational institutions infrastructure, and reliability of your data center, as per the industry standards and IDCA principles and practices. TechXact specialists and lead auditors can provide you full data center audit and assessment based on your targeted tier level/s, train and certify the data center managers, engineers and staff and transfer knowledge, consult on data center requirements, enhancements, mechanisms, and render wide range of data center specialized services that can suit your need.

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