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Banking & Finance

TechXact offers comprehensive data center services as essential instruments to enhance the financial institutions for delivering service and maintaining oprability and hence adding value to their rendered financial products and services, gain competitive advantage, and increase customer loyalty while also attracting new clients. TechXact delivers state-of-the-art data center applications support, by assessing, designing and maintaining highly robust applications hosting facilities and data center infrastructures for “true” e-banking and e-finance solutions to the financial markets. TechXact’s services empower banks, stock exchanges, departments of treasury & taxation, corporate finance departments, brokerage firms, as well as security exchange firms and financial transaction mediators to enhance and expand their current products and services through the added efficiencies, capabilities, availabilities and resources.

Banks and Financial institutions depend heavily on secure, highly available IT Platforms to deliver their many applications and services to customers, employees, and to support their organizational operations across departments, subsidiaries and activities. The ability to perform banking transactions online and delivering personalized services has created new players in the financial industry. This increased competition has made data availability and reliability as vital as the data itself to not only to expand market presence and growth but also to maintain business and credibility.

Mobile and wireless technology, combined with the wide variety of portable devices available today, enables new revenue opportunities for financial services organizations.

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Data and application quality, reliability and availability can be used to preserve and expand the customer base, attract prime customers and enhance loyalty. Internal business initiatives and external regulations are adding to infrastructure requirements. Due to non possession of reliable data centers and hosting facilities, and/or lack of maintainable procedures or acceptable practices, currently in many countries under TechXact’s involvement, financial intuitions are mandated to host either their “core” or their DR, or both at outsourced, audited and certified data centers and hosting TechXact is dedicated to provisioning reliable data centers for enhancing business processes and deliveries in the brokerage, investment banking and insurance, commercial banking industry and related industries. Financial institutions worldwide require reliable data center infrastructure to meet their ever-growing data and application hosting requirements. TechXact’s pragmatic approach provides layered intelligence (assess, design, plan, and maintain from layer zero through layer seven) that improves application security, reliability, and performance, while preserving an institution's existing investment. TechXact extends important financial data outside of corporate walls, in reducing costs for operating both vertical and horizontal application hosting and management.

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