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The demand for traditional voice and data services has reached maturity. At the same time, the telecommunications industry is rushing to establish “next-generation services”—those services enabled by IP integration and convergence. Executive mind-share is consumed by this transition. Immense focus is being placed on the strategies, structures, processes and systems that will allow their companies to quickly and effectively market and deliver new revenue-generating opportunities. TechXact data center services specially suited telecommunication industry help transform legacy methods and hosting environments into advanced, cost-effective, scalable, modular, dense and reliable infrastructure platforms to host next-generation integrated applications.

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Telecoms are adapting to the IP wave. They are recognizing the evolution of traditional services and quickly optimizing and consolidating those operations. In tandem, telcos are rapidly identifying, developing, introducing and scaling their new service portfolio. To support this shift, providers are restructuring and evolving their operating models and support systems and developing the content, application and delivery partnerships needed to compete.

As the global pioneer of innovative data center consultancy services featuring full data center assessment, data center audit, data center certification, data center training, data center testing and commissioning, data center project management, data center monitoring and maintenance, cloud designs, distributed redundancies, disaster recovery centers, etc TechXact caters Telcos and Telecommunications dependent organizations the right set of infrastructure safety, availability and resilience to sustain their rapidly growing and dynamic demands.

TechXact continuously invests and enhances the IT and telecommunication industry through its knowledge base, research and development centers and seasoned practitioners. TechXact continuously introduces the latest data center trends bundled with practical measures. TechXact complements the industry by educating the industry professionals and rendering knowledge transfer opportunities to its industries in the telecommunication industry as well as other key industries. TechXact believes that reliable communication and maintaining uninterruptible service is only possible through implementing high quality high-availability hosting facilities, data centers, and infrastructure backbones. Therefore, TechXact has emerged into the world’s most robust provider of data center expert services specialized facilities uptime facilitator.

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