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Real Estate

Today’s Real Estate leaders face new and pressing challenges: rising customer expectations, emerging technologies and intensifying competitive pressures has forced industry players to revamp their strategies and investments. Success depends on finding new ways to create value and distribute the resulting benefits. Combining industry knowledge and innovating solutions, TechXact help real estate developers, owners and investors deliver organizational value-add. Real estate data center giants such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) are amongst the strategically developed organizations who have found value in stake-holding data cetners and mission-critical sites as a core activity and key differentiator in their real estate industry involvement.

Keys To The New Place

TechXact helps real eastate organizations in the whats, wheres and hows of how they can improve their business strategies, enhance enterprise-wide performance by up-keeping the data availability for internal organizational needs, as well as multiply value per dollar vested, per square foot of land, construction, time and effort to maximize profits by building reliably sound, highly advanced and efficient data centers which are cost-effective on both construction phases as well as operational and maintenance phases, speed time to market, reduce costs and build profitable business structures through designing and developing strategic data centers which are state-of-the-art and unique to the needs of the market.


TechXact provides numerous core infrastructure and data centers services and platforms for schools, school districts, colleges, and universities to facilitate advanced industry specialized application, availability, reliability and resilience.

TechXact offers end-to-end expert services in designing, planning, deploying and maintaining data center infrastructures allowing organizations to incrementally grow their IT infrastructure as requirements change or new technologies emerge. Intelligent networks are erasing the physical boundaries of the classroom, allowing learning to continue anywhere wired or wireless connections exist. They are linking people, buildings, campuses, and institutions as never before, allowing resources to be shared and ideas exchanged across any distance. And they are reinforcing lessons with rich, interactive content that engages the mind in powerful and memorable ways.

If you are intending to host your valuable data and mission-critical applications, TechXact data center experts can accommodate your every need to offer a diverse bundle of cutting-edge designs, matrixes, specifications and agendas for green, classic, mobile data centers, disaster recovery centers, server rooms, server halls and server farms.

TechXact helps you ease your operational processes and in short generate the maximum results using minimum resources (absolute efficiency). TechXact has a tradition of excellence for innovation in every data center project and practice it is involved generating the leadership edge for the real estate as well as other key industries. TechXact delivers on the promise of ensuring mission-critical application availability rendered by advanced data cetenters.

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