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Oil & Gas

Heavy Industries

TechXact industry expert data center audit, data center assessment, data center consultancy, data center design, data center engineering, data center documentations, data center supervision, etc. are designed to help heavy industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, as well as Petrochemicals to meet internationally recognized reliability, resilience, advancement and availability benchmarks. TechXact supports the oil, gas, power, water and electricity, chemicals and petroleum industry through developing data center platforms that facilitate the exploration and production of raw and refined product lines.


Oil & gas companies with their demand suctions of IT resources and communication have pioneered IT infrastructure use and have established inevitable dependency with such infrastructures. For oil and gas fields as well as headquarters and remote sites assessing data and application availability, designing robust and state-of-the-art data centers, innovative engineering of data centers, auditing, training, testing, and much more are but some of the proven data center service deliveries of TechXact.

Chemicals and petroleum experts need to maintain state-of-the-art capabilities in steady state and transient hydraulic and thermal analysis, as well as finite element inelastic pipe analysis. A high-performance chemical company not only understands how to gather and use data to develop valuable insight around its products and customers but also how to use those insights to define and refine the products and services it provides, and to orient its interactions with customers to drive profitability. TechXact’s scope of services includes feasibility studies, route selection, cost estimating, regulatory applications, and preliminary and construction management services. TechXact’s clients master customer relationships, by building customer insight and translating it into profitable customer interactions.

Many energy and utility firms have traditionally maintained separate IT systems and networks that have operated independently of each other. With mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, there has been an increase in the use of disparate systems for many firms. As a result, many firms are missing numerous opportunities to drive cost reduction and performance improvement by “connecting the dots.” In energy operations, for instance, many key components and systems are segregated from others; though each component produces useful data, there is no central capability to capture and analyze it to improve manufacturing uptime, yield and efficiency. On a broader business scale, a lack of integration across your enterprise increases cycle times, fosters waste and uncertainty and ultimately decreases your ability to respond to the needs of sophisticated and demanding customers.

TechXact’ offers extensive experience working within the energy and utilities data center as well as oil and gas data centers and to bring and petrochemical data centers in delivering a unique depth and performance in the heavy industries to drive proven and measurable business results. To deliver improved value, enhanced performance and improved readiness.

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