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TechXact provides data center assessment, engineering and project management services to the aviation industry on a wide range of airport data centers as well as airline data center and traveling and tourism organization projects worldwide. Be it the airport and airline operational databases, flight information systems, accurate tracking capabilities for the outsourced logistics and freight forwarding, to the security and access control systems, public address systems, fire alarms and zone alarm systems, access controls and building management systems all the information needs to be maintained in highly reliable data center environments that safely keep, reliably process and securely make available data which is required.


Aviation in all its forms be it private jets, civil, commercial or cargo, army, military, and air force or for that matter is a very demanding and sophisticated industry. The requirements are demanding which have to be Safe and secured systems, yet easily scalable and simple in its operations and implementation. The Systems required have to be robust with no or very remote possibilities of down time, and easily serviceable. TechXact provide technical design and project management services to the aviation industry on a wide range of aviation data center and infrastructure projects worldwide. With an in-depth understanding of air transport issues and a wealth of experience TechXact helps deliver high-availability, scalable, reliable and flexible infrastructures suitable to the highest standards in the industry.


Due to advancing globalization, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce, the transport and logistics industry continues to enjoy above average growth. By expanding their service offerings both upstream and downstream, transport companies and logistics service providers are also becoming masters of their supply chain, both forward and backward.

International growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances are also reshaping the industry. Under these conditions, new corporate strategies and processes are required.

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In these times of change, what is required of transport and logistics enterprises? Financial transparency, sound risk management processes and state-of-the-art technology. At TechXact, our industry experts can provide assistance to effectively boost the capacities and capabilities through IT and application hosting platforms and environments advancements.

The transportation sector, including truck, rail, and air transport requires highly adaptable and reliable data center infrastructures. TechXact provides a wide range of data center engineering, data center design, data center audit, data center training, etc. for the outsourced logistics, freight forwarding, rail, postal and package delivery, distribution, ocean/steamship and trucking vertical industries. These services can help transportation and logistics companies build a single view of the business by consolidating enterprise-wide data into a single, integrated source providing consistent and accurate information, both detailed and summary, for analysis and decision-making.

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