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Data Center Legal Services

Effective legal governance - vital for data centers!

Legal governance is essential in the ICT arena specially data center business, as it is required in almost every stream of life. Addressing this specific area is important to safeguard data center owners, operators, service providers and end-users against any potential legal harm related to local and international laws, contractual arrangements as well as corporate and internal aspects, failure to which can prove disastrous.

Regulatory Compliance

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk
Data Center and ICT projects are subject to law & regulatory compliance. This subject is best handled by TechXact’s specialized legal ICT experts and alliances who will ensure compliance to these regulations such as local and international laws, cyber laws, cyber security, e-Governance, data protection, security governance, intellectual rights & property, environmental issues, etc. are fully observed.

Featured Service

  • ISO 20001 / ITIL V3.0 / ITSM

IT service is typically provided by the internal department known as the IT organization and the IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, procedures, computer-related communications, documentation, and skills required to support IT services. Overall, IT services and management of the IT infrastructure is referred to as IT service management,...

  • Data Center Consultancy

TechXact offers comprehensive services right from the needs analysis, feasibility planning and modeling steps design concepts, platforms, location and site selection all the way to engineering, designing, planning, testing, supporting and managing of civil works and materials, precision...

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