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Green Planning

Join us. We live Green!

TechXact practitioners offer institutions diverse range of Innovative Alternatives for Data Centers that provide the lowest carbon footprint, seamless scalability, modularity, high density, and optimum physical space requirement, bundled to cater Green and Environment-Friendly Data Centers with highest efficiency and lowest setup, operation and total cost of ownership.

Planet Made of Plastic

Green Building

Image by Noah Buscher
World’s latest trends in green building practices from site selection to construction are always taken into account by TechXact green data center specialists, which take into account siting and structure design efficiency, natural landscaping schemes, energy, material and water efficiency measures, waste reduction, operations and maintenance optimization etc.

Featured Service

  • Data Center Project Finance

TechXact through its globally stretched networks, affiliations and contacts can take part in funding lucrative data center projects which are well-planned and fittingly positioned.

Securing Anchor Deals

One of the core elements of warranting a data center venture either through organic growth or via rapid...

  • ROI Modeling & Business Planning

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