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Reliability, availability and security of government data centers, such as infrastructures of Royal and Presidential offices, ministries, municipalities, federal authorities, judiciary, senates and parliaments data centers, data and application hosting infrastructures is vital to the integrity and sovereignty of a nation. Governments face unprecedented pressures and mounting program costs due to an aging population plus a vacuum of knowledge left by a vast retiring workforce is culminating in a new break point. At the same time, the public sector must contend with a myriad of issues: Constrained revenues and limited control of their overall revenue base, implementation of new security requirements, and replacement of aging technology infrastructures. At the midst of all this, data growth rate by magnitudes of what it was expected and ever-demanding dependencies on information technology and its driving applications and data programs has put governments under humongous stress over their data centers, ICT facilities and infrastructures.

Image by Marco Oriolesi

With ever increasing demands for multichannel services TechXact develops government-wide information and communications technology strategy and transforms the weaknesses and challenges of its governmental customers to core strengths and reliable data center infrastructures they can count on for performing absolutely safe and reliable applications. Government customers that TechXact supports, step of shoulders of wealth of information, accreditation, knowledge, expertise and futuristic but practical strategic practices.


TechXact can helps governments to focus on your mission critical objectives; manage capital expenditures and control operating costs; Assess, devise, plan, manage and implement effective means to enhance and improve availability, scalability, performance, and reliability.

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