Datacenter TOPS is an essential day not to be missed to maintain the lead in the field of datacenter investment, ownership, management, operation and services.

The objective is to observe, hear and interact with the world's leading datacenter manufacturers, practitioners, technology suppliers, and service providers as they showcase and share the latest advancements, developments, standards, best practices and concepts in an exclusive atmosphere.

Throughout the day we will be focusing on the innovations being introduced to the marketplace to ensure that IT and datacenter management CAN go green, implement compliances, standards, benchmarks, education, perform audits and qualify for certifications, feedback on compartmentalized datacenters, advanced cooling, EMS / BMS, high-end security systems and control, revolutionary fire prevention technologies and innovative civil works & materials, to become an integral part of organizations’ quest in obtaining necessary efficiencies, corporate objectives all inline with government rulings.

Making the right moves to implement these latest technological systems and increase understanding and knowledge as to the difference these will make to an organization – providing a cutting-edge in the industry and a competitive-edge in today’s competitive markets.

All these veterans in the industry and senior experts will be gathered under one roof in one of the world's most prestigious venues – Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Attendance is all-inclusive of this grand luxury hotel’s breakfast, sumptuous international lunch buffet and coffee breaks.


Why should we attend?

  • Biggest exclusive data center event ever held in gcc
  • Hundreds of CEO's. CIO's, government and elite corporate delegates participating under one roof
  • Latest and most advanced technologies unveiled
  • Best data center trends, data center practices, standards and compliances discussed
  • Worlds most elite industry veterans as exclusive speakers and panel members
  • Special appearance from the International Data Center Authority (IDCA).
  • All held at the luxurious seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab

For registrations and sponsorship inquiries, please contact us anytime.