CEO Message

"TechXact is about Breaking New Grounds"

We at TechXact with passion for breaking new grounds are working day and night to be the pioneer in developing products and services to exceed our customers’ expectations. That is why we love doing what others deem impossible. "TechXact is about Knowledge, Expertise and Experience".

We at TechXact home exalted professionals with superior expertise, knowledge and in-depth experience in order to deliver cutting-edge products and services to our customers and partners.

"TechXact is about Passion"

We at TechXact strongly believe that our success relies on the success of our customers. That is why we put in 110% effort in order to help our customer reach their goals. We don’t take no for an answer and work hard to deliver more than promised.

"TechXact is about Superior Business Relationships"

We at TechXact have been forming strategic alliances and business partnerships with superior organizations and individuals in various countries in order to allow millions around the world enjoy our advanced solutions and services. Our strategic partnerships shall continue, as our vision is to have active and live market presence in the entire global market.

"TechXact is about being Unique"

We at TechXact don't follow the past. We learn from the past, improve it, develop it, think out of the box and bundle the earnings of time with the needs of the future to deliver unique deliveries for the present.

"TechXact is about Commitment to Excellence"

We at TechXact are all about commitment to Excellence in whatever we do, from our development processes to handling the needs of our customers regardless.

"TechXact is about Superiority"

We at TechXact are dedicated to providing Superior Expertise, delivering Superior Value, and enjoying Superior Results.

Mehdi Paryavi,

President & Managing Director