What is the main challenge of building today’s data centers?

The main challenge in data centers today is that challenges are not being handled by the right people. Unfortunately the challenges today are mostly being addressed by vendors, which is not the ideal pursuit for the IT industry. R&D has become mainstream for profitability and business gains. What we see in the market today is not necessarily according to the industry’s best practices and standards. Even the standards are neither comprehensive nor up-to-date enough! Hence, what we are striving restlessly to educate the clients to look at the bigger picture, dig down into their own legitimate needs and acquire what is right for them. This method will force the vending industry to deal with their client base in a more educated and enthusiast manner.

In the end, the overwhelming challenge customers face is their vivid gap to the international standards and their hidden gaps to the latest and most applicable technologies, which is hunting down their services, availability and reliability one after another. Furthermore the pity is the brand-new facilities that we see coming up with vast budgets but are built on the wrong foundations and diverted concepts.

Experts must be very clear and to the point. It is the duty of data center specialists and leaders to help their customers and partners by giving them what they really need, instead of circling around their requirements. Having professional ethics, conscience and integrity is the prime key to success.