Data Center Compliances, Technologies and Best Practices

The biggest & hottest ICT topic these days is data centers. But how many people have good knowledge of what data centers are, how they should look like or how should they be developed and maintained? It is unfortunate for the industry that experts were called in a bit late into the picture.

It is critical to Audit, Certify, Engineer, Design, Plan, Spec, Deploy, Supervise, Document, Test & Commission Data Centers precisely and consciously. At the end, or the beginning or even in parallel to developing one’s data center it is important to train & certify the individuals from the top management to the security guard who’s role is related to the functions of the data center. We actually pioneered Data Center training and certification to the level we do and certified hundreds of professionals, consultants, managers and engineers throughout the years, because we believe elevating and improving “knowledge” is the sole method to help build solid platforms, achieve data center compliance, select the right technologies and operate reliably.

Everyone’s mission seems to be convincing clients to invest more in IT platforms. The mission should be to facilitate clients to “invest wisely” on their lifelong platforms! Just because a product or practice is the fashion, it does not mean all should follow it! There are many ways clients can save millions of dollars. First and foremost is “seek expert consultancy” and do proper engineering, capacity planning, spec and expansion work. People want to save at the design stage (both in terms of time and money) they end up paying millions of dollars extra in the deployment phases because of poor design, lack of proper planned out schedules and supervision. Furthermore to finish the project fast enough they conclude it with patchwork and clumsy desperate efforts.