TechXact Launches TechXact Academy:

Washington D.C. November 1, 2016, TechXact Group Corporation announces the launch of web portal. The is the TechXact Academy’s launch of making education available to all individuals worldwide with better service. Director of Global Business Development, Subhan Jahromi, said “the launch of TechXact Data Center Academy just makes life for our proponents who are always in search for our dates, venues, available programs and look for convenient mode of scheduling, booking and payment.” Technical Director in charge of the project commented, “ is hosted on a robust platform and built with user experience and comfort in mind. All trainee candidates can easily learn how the IDCA data center education ladder works, watch videos, browse courses dates, locations and choose training of their choice and simply with a couple of clicks get themselves registered.”

“If anyone at any given time and on any time-zone has any questions they can simply contact one of our service experts or use our 24/7 Live Chat Support system for instant round-the-clock education support”, he continued.

TechXact Academy has been developed after months of restless effort by the TechXact developers with aims to help enhance the training process and optimize the user experience. TechXact academy is solely focused on offering IDCA data center courses, training and certification programs.

About TechXact - TechXact is the global leader of optimizing data centers and delivering state-of-the-art mission-critical sites and facilities through its expert driven data center services and solutions whose core-competency remains in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting robust, reliable, fully redundant, highly secured, highly available, and highly scalable Data Center and Infrastructure Solutions with the lowest cost of ownership possible.

TechXact has been developing and providing cutting-edge solutions through decades of accumulated expertise and in-depth experience across platforms, industries and varied terrains. TechXact leads its campaigns from its Americas, European, MEA and Asian presence and its tens of channel partners, resellers, associates, and affiliates worldwide. TechXact actively seeks, qualifies and joins with prospective partners in different industries and territories to expedite the advancement of its mottos into heavy industries, auto, real estate, telecommunication, education homeland security, aviation, banking and finance, health care, hospitality, insurance, law enforcement, manufacturing, military, public safety, retail, and travel & tourism with industry-specific calibration. In the marketplace, through the years, TechXact has served as IDCA’s fulfillment arm. More on TechXact:

About Certified Data Center Training - The International Data Center Authority (IDCA) has designed the data center training courses in a unique manner, focusing on the modern essentials for the specialists, engineers, designers, planners, developers, executives, managers, and operators in Selecting, Developing, Building, and Managing Data Centers. International Data Center Authority (IDCA) has incorporated necessary specific skills to enhance learning throughout the courses. IDCA certified courses are based on a ladder elevation scheme. Applicants of all diversities and backgrounds start from the Data Center Infrastructure Specialist (DCIS)® course, which teaches them the foundations of the data center, data center infrastructure, data center standards and compliance. From there professionals can either take the Management Route or the Expert Route. By taking the Expert Route, the Data Center Engineering Specialist (DCES)® course must be completed which comprehensively covers the engineering and design aspects of data centers, while the management track requires taking of the Data Center Operations Specialist (DCOS)® course, which covers all the aspects of the operations, maintenance, capacity management, planning, SLA/OLA management, efficiency planning, etc. These courses cover, in-depth, the values, complications and parameters of different data center Grade levels from the viewpoint of Infinity Paradigm® as well as its predecessors coupled with latest industry trends and recommendations. DCOS® and DCES® courses are typically offered in combination with DCIS®. By completing both DCIS® and DCES® professionals are automatically awarded a third certificate: Data Center Infrastructure Expert (DCIE)®. Likewise, by completing both DCIS® and DCOS® professionals are awarded a third certificate: Data Center Operations Manager (DCOM)®. Upon obtaining either DCOM® or DCIE® status individuals become qualified for undergoing the breathtaking course of Data Center Technology Professional (DCTP)® covering live comparisons and practical measure of actual technologies used for power, cooling, civil, security, fire, safety, EMS, BMS, management, monitoring, etc. By completion of DCTP®, DCOM® automatically becomes a Data Center Manager (DCM)® and a DCIE® automatically becomes a Data Center Expert (DCE)® in pursuit to becoming a Data Center Authority (DCA)®, which requires fulfilling DCA® criteria and thesis. More on certified data center training: