ISO 20001 / ITIL V3.0 / ITSM

Catering IT Services Management - ITSM

IT service is typically provided by the internal department known as the IT organization and the IT infrastructure includes hardware, software, procedures, computer-related communications, documentation, and skills required to support IT services. Overall, IT services and management of the IT infrastructure is referred to as IT service management, which TechXact can ensure its conformity with ISO 20001.

ISO 20001 Assessment

Through ISO 20001 Assessment service, IT services management governing and operating the IT infrastructure will be in-depth analyzed and assessed to identify the shortfalls which may exist within the IT organization, thus violating compliance and availability of deliverable services, in order to plan rectification procedures and plans for enhancement of such services.

Process, Information & Technology

Factoring disciplined process design, technology and information requirements, workflow implementation, as well as the service architecture and the tool requirements for customization and integrationcomponents, the ISO 20001 implementation can be catered for with absolute precision and conformity.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Interferences caused by existing EMF or breaching EMPs can prove significant safety, reliability and availability intruders. EMIs are not seen by the naked eye but can be precisely measured and effectively rectified with proper assessments and inspections from the design stage to the actual live site conditions and are important be noticed and attended to for vital integrity and safety reasons.


ITIL and IT Infrastructure Library are registered trademarks of the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce (OGC) which is now part of the Cabinet Office aimed to provide a framework for managing IT services. ITIL’s existence triggered the growth of an entire industry that includes training, certification, consultant, software tools and its own trade association.

When most organizations think of ITIL, they are referring to the ITIL service support and service delivery books that contain a set of structured best practices and standard methodologies for core IT operational processes such as change, release, and configuration management, as well as incident, problem, capacity, and availability management.

ITIL stresses service quality and focuses on how IT services can be efficiently and cost-effectively provided and supported. However, ITIL does not provide specific, detailed descriptions about how the processes should be implemented, as they will be different in each organization. In other words, ITIL tells an organization what to do, not how to do it.

TechXact expert consultancy teams renders seasoned professionals specialized in core IT strategies, process re-engineering, IT architecture, and the development of internal company policies and procedures. They approach each client’s technology challenges with ingenuity, to deliver absolute variety and quality.