Data Center Support & Maintenance

You manage the business; let us take the bullets!

TechXact’s round-the-clock support and maintenance services offer unmatched schematics of keeping up with high-availability requirements of mission-critical data centers and core infrastructures, providingmanned and unmanned 24x7 preemptive monitoring, routine planed maintenance services, remote and onsite technical support, and ongoing facility operation and managed services.

Data Center Operation Services

This service is frequently requested for new installations or upgrades where the client requires physical presence and operation of TechXact team for initial days, weeks or months to ultimately organize a smooth transition to the in-house staff, or when a data center operator plans to outsource the complete operation, qualification, staffing and maintenance of the site & infrastructure to our expert team.

24x7 Monitoring & Support

Involves monitoring of the data center infrastructure &active components and establishing healthiness thresholds, monitoring and alerting guidelines as per the availability requirements and providing end-to-end support, issue tracking, escalation and resolution services, inline with preventive concepts and methods of avoiding all potential failures.

Onsite & Remote Assistance

Upon visibility of an issue either through pre-established monitors, sensors or operations staff, TechXact provides both remote assistance to resolve the issues using the latest techniques within the shortest time and if need be, to immediately dispatch technicians to rectify and resolve the issue physically on site.

SLA Management

Offering dedicated resources, latest tools, best practices, mature and expert professionals, TechXact passionately ensures that SLA objectives and availability parameters are fully observed, implemented and maintained at all time to sustain application and infrastructure reliability and protect stakeholders’ profitability and uptime.