Data Center Site Integrity Inspections

Not sure how safe your data center site is? We'll tell you!

TechXact site, civil, fire, safety and security inspectors provide you with expert survey and inspection of your site, create precise reports reflecting the existing site conditions, structure, building and sealing conditions, fire detection, alarm and protection systems, analyzing the existing risks and potential threats, issue affirmative test certificates and offer valuable recommendations to improve your site conditions for the safety of humans as well as the systems and investments within the site.

Room Integrity Measurement

The room integrity is the most important requirement for effective fire prevention and gas extinguishing systems. The room integrity will be according to EN standards measured by a blower door (fan door) measurement system. The result will generate N50 value (number of air exchanges per hour with an overpressure of 50 Pa.

Differential Pressure Measurement

Differential pressures between neighbor rooms, ceiling, raised floor and the room have a huge influence on the air exchange in protected areas. High differential pressures require special actions for gas extinguishing systems and special airtight paintings for fire prevention systems. All areas will be referenced to the normal outside pressure.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Interferences caused by existing EMF or breaching EMPs can prove significant safety, reliability and availability intruders. EMIs are not seen by the naked eye but can be precisely measured and effectively rectified with proper assessments and inspections from the design stage to the actual live site conditions and are important be noticed and attended to for vital integrity and safety reasons.

Structural and Civil Engineering Reviews

Checking the structural load bearing, civil aspects of the site, its compliance to the Tier level scoped for, wind, earthquake, war resistance building and site reviews and proving reports as well as advice of corrective measures for improving conditions or relocation necessary are integral parts of structural and civil inspection and engineering review services.