Project Management

In time quality delivery, optimized efficiency - our professionals at work!

TechXact Project Management provides an integrated framework for quality and in time delivery of project objectives through precision project organization, planning and control which is designed to ensure the timely and cost-effective implementation of all the components, sustaining acceptable standards of quality and achieving full enterprise objectives to avoid all possible redundant resource and material costs while maintaining absolute efficiency at all time.

End-to-End Project Management

Involves experts managing the complete life-cycle of a project from the early business analysis stage, to conceptual designing, detailed engineering, design and planning, procurement, delivery and logistics management, vendor and contractor management, site preparation, resource mobilization, turnkey installation, testing, commissioning, training and handover.

Project Initiation

Effective project planning, performing project sponsor and stage manager appointments, kickoff planning, project objective and scoping, project scheduling and budgeting, project organization, establishing quality control procedures, control factors, issue resolution procedures, determining breakeven points, analyze risks, and stage assessment all happen at project initiation.

Project Control

Stage administration, checkpoint cycle, version control, project board meetings, schedules preparation, conduct and follow-up quality reviews, change control, identifying alternatives, assess issue impacts, conduct exception assessment, estimate efforts and resource utilization, change requirement, logistics and crises management are embedded in project control stages.

Project Closure

Preparing product, service and project evaluations, initiate maintenance processes, close outstanding project tasks sheets, conduct project closure meetings, end of project reviews and assessments, updating process metrics, quality assurance checks, and implementing process improvement adjustments constitute the project closure stage.