Data Center Project Finance

If we plan it, we finance it!

TechXact through its globally stretched networks, affiliations and contacts can take part in funding lucrative data center projects which are well-planned and fittingly positioned.

Securing Anchor Deals

One of the core elements of warranting a data center venture either through organic growth or via rapid funding is through first securing anchor deals that back the business case and feasibility of the venture. After ensuring the qualifications match its benchmark, TechXact business center can seamlessly secure such deals for promising data center outfits.

Direct Phased Funding

Depending on feasibility of the business plan, and upon completion of the required due-diligence, TechXact may chose to directly invest in data center projects through a phased approach that can ensure proper development, launch and operation of a data center which can be backed by authentic standards, proper tiers and availability measures.

Fund Sourcing

Once the comprehensive market research, feasibility studies, strategic, financial and business plans are completed, assessed and approved by TechXact specialist, TechXact can help assist in financing, which includes sourcing funds and acquire the necessary financial resources to commence a supportable business case.

JVs and Project Sponsoring

Given the positive results provided in the earlier phases of feasibility, ROI modeling and business planning, TechXact can establish joint ventures with carefully selected prospective counterparts either direct or through third-parties and/or provide sponsorships to a specific project or relevant ventures in the field of core infrastructures and data centers.