Data Center Engineering & Design

Engineering backed by wealth of experience; Designing backed by futuristic and creative mindset!

Data Center Engineering and Data Center Design is more than just an art, it is a regressive engineering process. It is a process in which business needs are transformed into application requirements and such requirements are correlated with ICT measures and such measures then imported into the data center environment and infrastructure, translating into parameters such as kw and square footage and then conceptually layered, detailed designed, precisely quantified and specified into an implementable optimum data center site and infrastructure!

Capacity, Size & Load Engineering

Calculating load, measuring current and future sizes, and planning capacity on power, cooling, server area vs facilities and total allocated space, racks, etc. while keeping in mind feasibility of modularity and space adjustment as well as parallel capacity and redundancy upgrades are amongst the initial steps taken in precise and well planned data center infrastructure engineering and design.

Conceptual Design

Once the engineering team renders the initial schemes and parameters required for the design stage to commence, designers develop Data Center Conceptual Design alternatives, portraying sizes, quantities, layouts and values, exhibiting the high-level view of the site and facilities for review, analysis, further development and optimization of the data center.

Detailed Design

Conceptual design is only the beginning for TechXact data center engineering and design process, the "core" of the value and effort lays in detailed design drawing and documentations that are developed as a complete design kit, providing detailed and specified sizes, measurements, layouts and parameters for every single component be it electrical, mechanical, civil, security, cabling, etc. This effort is essential for professional implementation of data centers, because it provides complete guidelines and reference points for contractors to follow precisely without having to use their intuitions on-site without having the big picture and engineering parameters properly evaluated and referenced. This is the main cause of project delays, mishaps and in many cases failures. Hence having proper Data Center Detailed Design drawings and documentation is essential for the building and contracting phase of any project.

Specification Development

To ensure the quality of build and eventual operation, it is not enough to only have design drawings, rather complete set of carefully chosen Data Center Specifications for the active as well as passive component in the data center which match perfectly the design goals and parameters and must be developed and quantified within the data center engineering & design development process.