Data Center Audit and Certifications

3rd Party IDCA, Data Center TIA, ISO, G(s) Audits, Certifications, Compliance Reviews and Facilities Validation Services!

TechXact offers the true Data Center Audit & Certification, which are also compliant to IDCA Guidelines and Recommendations, as well as ANSI/TIA-942, ISO-24762, ISO-27001, ISO-20000, and IDCA G(s) Audits, Compliance Reviews, Facility Validation and Certifications Services. Extensive and rigorous process to be assessed by TechXact experts for compliance to the requirements of the standards involves over 2,600 criteria throughout Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Security, Safety and Telecommunication.

DCDA - Data Center Design Audit

Aimed at helping our elite customers with audit and validation of their data center designs and documentation which they have developed either in-house, or through third-party consultants or suppliers, rendering full verification of designs against applicable standards and/or Tier levels. Data Center Design Audit and Data Center Design Validation is generally done before the procurement phase to ensure that everything is correctly designed and specified.

DCEE - Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data centers at varied phases of their life cycle require expert evaluation and analysis of their energy efficiency status. Ensuring consistency and compliance is critical. Furthermore, satisfying the green initiatives and enormous savings that can be achieved through effective optimization of the infrastructure, policies and procedures are crucial. Achieving marginal efficiency, environment protection, further utilization of available resources and resulting financial and moral benefit, can be catered by conducting expert energy efficiency audits throughout the various milestones and stages of the design, build, testing, commissioning and operation of data centers.

DCIA - Data Center Infrastructure Assessment

Independent assessment of the data center infrastructure includes performing careful review of key criteria and elements such as construction, location, cooling infrastructure, power infrastructure, environmental control infrastructure, physical security, electromagnetic fields, maintenance contracts, and telecom infrastructure to swiftly identify critical problems and evaluate the existing status of the vital infrastructural components of the data center.

DCBA - Data Center Build Audit

Audit and certification services providing on-site audit of built data centers based on various standards such as ANSI/TIA-942, IDCA G(s),ISO/IEC-24762, ISO/IEC-20000, ISO/IEC-27000 etc., offering data center Tier Certification as well as IDCA G(s) Certification based on compliance report of intense architectural, electrical, mechanical, maintenance and documentation data center audits, assessments and reviews while base-lining the entire task on foundation of International Data Center Authority guidelines and principles.

Before your data center is built or enters implementation phase, you must ensure the design is completely compliant and aligned with the relevant data center standards and optimization methods.

Once your new data center has been built, you want to ensure that it has been built according to the applicable standards and international best practices. It is a known fact that some contractors ‘cut corners’. Sometimes this is due to the immense price pressure, or sometimes they simply overlooked aspects or just delivered poor workmanship in some extreme cases. TechXact delivers a focused range of audit and certification services aimed at newly built facilities as well as existing facilities. Often standards such as ANSI / TIA-942, IDCA Principles and ISO-24762 are taken as the basis for these audits for Tier I, Tier II, and specially Tier III and Tier IV Data Centers. TechXact is also capable of providing IDCA G1, G2, G3, and G4 Data Center Certifications based on the revolutionary IDCA Infinity Paradigm framework. Leave it to TechXact, and we will guarantee that you get what you require: a data center that meets your business requirements, is bench marked against international standards and guidelines, and is fully based on IDCA’s latest recommendations.

TechXact offers independent and vendor-neutral data center audits:

  • ANSI / TIA-942
  • IDCA G(s)
  • ISO / IEC-24762
  • ISO - 20000
  • ISO - 27001

Can you answer these Questions?

  • What is the maximum Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) strength which data center equipment can handle without performance degradation or even break down?
  • How much air-conditioning capacity will you need to build a data center with 150 KW UPS power?
  • How many perforated tiles compared to solid tiles you will need in your data center to maintain enough pressure under the raised floor?
  • What THDv levels are acceptable for your IT equipment?
  • Do you know how much of the cooling capacity in data centers is typically wasted?
  • Are you aware that due to the rise in power consumption, EMF is on the rise, potentially causing downtime and health risks?
  • Do you know for example the limits for equipment and human health and safety?
  • Is your UPS is VFI or VI class and how it affects your data center?

If you require data center audit and assessment either on design or build for your site, facility and infrastructure you can request for the availability of our auditors, expert specialists and our services at your location you check with us below.