TechXact operates globally, through its vast channel partner network across territories. It offers its world-class services and diverse solutions specifically tailored for each and every country or territorial region. TechXact always welcomes credible enterprises to represent, promote and implement its solutions and services in their regions/territories.

TechXact invites companies and organizations that share the dreams to reach new levels of growth and profitability, to gear up and offer TechXact’s portfolio of niche offerings, locally within their markets. We establish ties with organizations that can competently make our solutions more accessible to customers who want to maximize the value of their investments.

TechXact welcomes qualified enterprises to apply for becoming representatives and distributors of its solutions worldwide. The unique packages offered by TechXact in the form of complete solutions are breathtakingly the best hassle-free and advanced bundles to promote in one’s market. The confidence and know-how of where and how to resell these solutions with absolute credibility, quality and reliability are the key and essential factors and major qualification requirement for any potential reseller to succeed.

Potential representatives can rest assure that they will not be left alone in their business and technical endowers. TechXact delegations will constantly support the resellers by helping resellers produce and follow business plans to promote, sell, implement, and support state-of-the-art data center solutions, continuous business and certified training on the need-basis, technical assistance with researching and generating solution proposals, assistance with implementation of TechXact services, equipping partners with the necessary documentation and materials.

If you are looking for new ways to expand your business processes, and would like to tap into the growing and lucrative data center market, willing to work with leading global providers and industry experts and are passionate to implement landmark breakthroughs, you can apply to become TechXact’s Channel Partner in your region. However the selection process is extremely disciplined and selective. You must provide the below in order to initiate your channel partnership application review process:

Requirements of Channel Partnership:

  • Proved business credibility
  • Confirmed financial capacity
  • Proof of market influence and presence
  • Valuable human resource
  • Acceptable company profile
  • Plus points:

  • Any relevant accreditation and/or certifications
  • Existing Business, Marketing / Sales Plan

TechXact develops and manages a channel partnership network that provides our customers with door-to-door local delivery of quality TechXact expert services in each country. TechXact Channel Partners are trained and urged to focus on providing significant value-added features for their customers, moving away from the transactional to the relationship-based type of service. These integrators, while technically savvy, are well known and respected in their market as solution providers; their high quality standards, commitment to customer satisfaction, market ingenuity, and efficiency in offering the greatest value separates them from their competitors and are key to their success. These are the types of partners that enable mutually profitable solutions for themselves and their customers while preserving TechXact’s image and reputation.

To inquire about and apply for becoming a channel partner in your region you may complete and submit the partnership application form, for TechXact's consideration.